Learner's Device Repair

Repair Process for Student Learning Device

When a student learning device is broken it may be repaired under the manufacturer's warranty as outlined in the warranty section or under insurance, or at the owner’s cost if neither insurance or warranty cover apply. In all aspects the school manages the responsibility of the relationship with the whanau. This section provides guidance on how this process may take place in your cluster.

The Insurance company, will consider claims when the problem is due to accidental damage where the insurance company deems that the student has taken reasonable care of the device. The behaviours that make up reasonable care of your device are included in the Kawa of Care Agreement and attached to every new device.  Taking Care of Your Device

To determine whether the device will be repaired under warranty or via an insurance claim your IT Provider will carry out an initial assessment and either repair it or send the damaged device away for a warranty assessment. If the device is not covered under warranty then the process for an insurance claim begins.  (If the device is not covered by insurance then the device will be repaired at owners cost)

Claim Process

The insurance policy covers each device for 36 months for loss and accidental damage. The insurance process is jointly initiated and managed by your school and IT Provider . Support for  people initiating and following up on claims  (check policies etc)

Purchased  - Dec 2021 - present

Manaiakalani Device Care

Purchased  November 27th 2019 - Dec 21


Note : The total of all Claims can't exceed the purchase price of the device.  If there has already been 2 Accidental Damage claims  paid out any further accepted claim would bring any value that remains in the policy.  The whānau will have to pay the difference to repair/replacement if they want to .