This is a Development guide to establishing and sustaining the technology that supports future focused learning using our learn create share pedagogy.

We understand that to be successful future focused organizations we need to have well considered Technology infrastructure.

The Technology stream includes

  • Internet supply/Network Smart and security

  • Learning Devices and supporting Technologies (1:1 classrooms)

  • Support Provision

Preparing and implementing Technology strategies are inextricably linked to other development and accelerated transformation .

Looking after the connection of the student to their learning from their device through to the internet it services and back

  • Fibre / N4l connectivity (The integrity of this service has a major impact on learning where we are working in Digital Learning Environments)

  • Enterprise wireless sufficient to support the number of devices for 2021. School infrastructure must be robust enough, that using these media is as reliable as opening a book. The impact of “slow network speeds” on learning can be acute.

  • Using the Iceberg metaphor Secure System design serves to create assurance for smart school governance and communities. We have identified what will ensure we are appropriately organised at an infrastructure and application level.

    • Google administration

    • N4L - bandwidth and filter application

    • Visible learning - para teacher dashboard

      • Full Suite - Hāpara Dashboard, Hāpara Highlights, Hāpara Workspace = $6.25 per student, per year.

      • Part Suite - Hāpara Dashboard with Hāpara Highlights, OR Hāpara Dashboard with Hāpara Workspace - $5.25 per student, per year.

      • Minimum of $375 for Full Suite, $315 for part Suite (equiv to 60 students).

      • 20% discount for multi-years, prepaid subscriptions.

    • Considered design of online system such as Google meetings, Sites, Blogger etc

  • We will support you with a knowledge base and network collective advantage to respond to new challenges and current practice. The consideration of privacy and security that happens at a network level affords a confidence and assurance for boards of trustees and school leaders.

We wanted a powerful learner device that would be affordable and be fixed if it gets busted - 3 years Warranty - 3 years insurance

Learning Devices Supporting technologies

Year 3-13 (Chromebooks - What do we need)

  • We need sufficient devices of capability to support learning. It is recommended that this is assessed (particularly where at the age determined by the community each child must have their own appropriate net connected, learning focused device).

    • We can help assess the capacity of available technology to support learning.

  • A secure system for storing and charging the devices

  • When you have learner owned devices that need repair Your IT Provider will carry out an initial assessment and either repair it or send the damaged device away for a warranty assessment.

  • Each learning space has a screen and ability to project i.e. Chromecast (preference) or HDMI cable (critical for effective in class support and ongoing teaching and learning).

  • The test of suitability for display is we can read written material from places within the learning space.

Year 1-3

  • In response to identified learning needs and the outcomes of pilot 1:1 tablet classes in Manaiakalani schools, iPads (the device) and Explain Everything (the Application) have been identified as the technology that best support the Manaiakalani kaupapa and pedagogy Learn, Create, Share for 1:1 in our junior classes.

  • This iPad Support site brings together pedagogy, processes and procedures that we have identified best support the goals of Manaiakalani and contribute to enabling our schools to improve learning outcomes for our youngest learners.

  • Explain Everything provides an interactive, screencasting whiteboard, enabling both the teacher and learner to create and share learning artefacts. The App also enables the teacher to design and personalise learning which can be recorded, rewound and shared.

  • The purpose of this doc is to clarify and plan for the set up of 1:1 iPads in our learning environments. It is critical that the following is completed before deploying iPads and/or beginning any in class support from the PLD team.

  • Each learning space has a screen and ability to project i.e. Apple TV (preference) or HDMI cable and iPad dongle. This is critical for effective in class support and ongoing teaching and learning.

The tech provider should understand the learner, family and teachers are primary clients. Working together as a cluster/group to adopt one tech company has advantages in this pursuit.

When we talk to schools who are interested in becoming part of the Manaiakalani programme, we discuss the advantages of one tech company for the whole cluster. This is because only in this way can schools get economy of scale, a single point of problem solving for a “systems integration environment”, and tried and proven methods for such things as systematic device roll-outs, community connectivity and resource sharing. We provide resources for groups looking to initiate as Request for proposals unifying Tech Support

As we have developed and optimised the systems we use the contribution of tech providers has also developed.

There are significant and far reaching benefits from having a highly capable service provider who

A number of providers in New Zealand schools are not ready to support where innovation has determined that new practices and technologies be deployed and respond to changing circumstances. This can impact your security , network capacity and whether you have (fit for purpose procurement and infrastructure).

  • Have experience maintaining/deploying enterprise level wireless

  • Experience in managing the edge device/router and interfacing with N4L or ISP

  • Experience in Google Workspace domain creation and administration

  • Familiarity with Ministry SNUP programme and associated hardware and systems

  • Experience with deployment and management of Chromebooks, iPads, Apple laptops, TELA teacher laptops or other tablets/devices

  • AppleTV - Chromecast - network experience

  • Provide access to agreed Google Workspace administration functionality for authorised teachers and/or support staff within the school

  • Support capabilities for Apple iOS and MDM including deployment Explain everything etc

  • SMS and LMS systems present in the school

  • As above for Library Management systems