Chromebook Warranty


This section sets out the terms and conditions for the warranty coverage for each device. The Trust negotiates an extended manufacturer's warranty so that devices are covered for the three years of their intended life. The warranty covers a 3 year period from when the Trust purchases the devices.

What is the warranty period?

  • Every device and bag is covered with a manufacturer's warranty for three years from the date of purchase by MET. Note that this may be earlier than the date of the credit sale contract signed by each parent. The warranty continues for the period if a learner should leave the cluster see below claiming if you have left a cluster.

What is covered under warranty ?

  • Electrical and mechanical faults are covered for replacement parts and labour costs.

What is not covered under warranty?

  • Damage to the device due to neglect, abuse, wilful act or misuse such as water damage, impact, loss or theft

  • Problems or malfunctions caused by unauthorised repair/modifications or failure to follow the manufacturer's installation, operation and maintenance instructions

  • Configuration and programming changes

  • Non-operating cosmetic faults, paint or product finish

  • Lost or stolen devices

Claiming on Warranty if you have left a cluster

Warranty is a legal matter and goes with the device for the duration of the warranty. However, when student leaves the cluster it is the parent responsibility to follow up. Just as if it had been bought from a store. Start by calling the 0800 number below.

  • The 0800 number which is 0800 223 769 for Acer Warranty repairs

  • This warranty card is the right one for NZ:

Potential Charges if the device is sent as a warranty job and turns out to be a non-warranty

Acer will provide a quote for repair after accessing the device. If the quote is then subsequently declined Acer will waive the fee. If the device is returned a 2nd time for the same non-warranty issue we will charge the rejection."

Should a device be sent multiple for visits to Acer exhibiting a warrantable fault that does not appear to be there when Acer inspect is something we will have to manage and can advocate for.

What we need to record and provide as much info as possible particularly when a device exhibits an intermittent fault eg take a short video so people can see the fault for themselves.

As such we should have very few assessment charges. When a device is no longer in warranty we need to consider potential cost before sending it away.